What our Athletes are Saying

“After taking up running after not pursuing it in years, I was developing unexpected lower leg soreness during my runs. Toni was able to identify potential sources for the pain that was limiting my training runs. Toni’s approach with advice on running form and corrective exercise enabled me to work through these issues. Although it would have been difficult for me, being a former runner, to understand the tremendous help Toni offered through corrective exercise, she was able to explain what was going on in a way that was easy to understand and apply. Simply put, I needed to develop and engage my glutes to minimize over-stressing my lower leg muscles. Being an accomplished runner and pairing that with her technical knowledge, she got me back on the right track.”

-John R., Fort Worth

“In December of 2009, I was 60 years old, 100 pounds overweight, and had been morbidly obese for at least 35 years. I had COPD from a lifetime of heavy smoking, took medicine that causes weight gain and I had never in my life exercised. I had long since given up. I had so many excuses…’why bother to get healthy at my age? I can never lose 100 pounds!’ I was an utter mess.

Then I met Toni Biggerstaff — she gradually convinced me that with eating healthy and exercising, I would lose weight and feel better. I had grave misgivings at first. Looking back, it’s clear to see God had his hands all over our relationship. The first three months, the only two phrases that I uttered were, ‘Toni, I can’t do that!’ and ‘Toni, I’m not going to eat that!’

When I first got on the treadmill, I could only walk for 4 minutes. Gradually I learned to eat differently and made peace with the treadmill. Now my record is 50 minutes. My nickname used to be ‘Junk Food Jenny’, now I crave fruits, nuts and veggies.

Toni is extremely encouraging, patient, and yet challenges me at every turn. She knows a wealth of information about nutrition which is so helpful. A year later, I had lost 50 pounds, 20 1/4 inches, gone from a size 28 to a size 12.

Toni has a simple formula for getting healthy and it works. I am energetic and for the first time in decades, I enjoy shopping, especially looking in the mirror.

Toni’s loving, constant encouragement and helpful advice spurred me on. Sometimes we just simply prayed together. Now I’m excited to share I’ve lost over 100 pounds, 55 inches and am in normal range for body fat percentage levels. I feel AMAZING! I have energy and my mood is better than it’s ever been. I’m a miracle to what God and Toni have accomplished in me. If you’re in the throws of self defeat, contact Toni. Your life will be forever changed. She’s taught me an entirely different way of eating and I love it…and the regular exercise has made this journey much easier. If you have given up on getting healthy, DON’T. With Toni’s guidance and support, you can learn to eat and exercise your way to wellness! Toni inspires me to be better than my best.”When people comment on my dramatic transformation I honestly say, ‘Body By Toni!’” I encourage you to start your journey to health now with Toni.

Jennifer Alexander, Keller, TX

Can’t believe the difference a year makes! Last fall I was gearing up for another round of squishing myself into my old jeans rather than buy larger ones…no such  luck.  I had to buy a bigger size…size 16 to be embarrassingly honest.

It was then I told myself my resolution for 2011 would be to lose weight and get in shape!

I needed to get serious… I had friends talking about “bootcamp” and the progress they had made…I  felt like I needed to try something new… Enter Toni Biggerstaff!

I was scared to death to leave my comfort zone(meaning my couch) so scared in fact my husband had to drive me to my first camp out of fear I would chicken out!  My official weigh in was 159.7 on April 6th. There was running,sit ups, squats and sweat.  What had I got myself into!

Toni  is tough! Well, her workouts are tough. … She is encouraging, inspiring and full of helpful,healthy information!

I could end this now  by telling you how much weight I’ve lost.so far…but more than what I have lost with Toni  is what I have gained from her.

Her motto is “Better, Faster, Stronger”  and she means them! I have gained confidence in myself from finishing the workouts,workouts I NEVER thought I could complete. But here I am 6 months later,excited for bootcamp,craving the workouts, anxious for pain and looking forward to hearing if I beat my last time!  The atmosphere she creates with timing our workouts combined with the amazing women in our group keeps everyone motivated  and accountable.

Toni works us hard and the last thing I want to do destroy my progress with a bad meal. I have learned so much from Toni herself and her website on where to buy food, what to eat and what avoid, even how to eat out healthy! She even makes time to look over my food journals( which used to consist of LOTS of gummi bears!) She inspires me to make the healthy choice… I constantly find myself saying “What would Toni eat”?

She has truly changed my life style for the better…

So much so, that  I have lost 16 lbs. so far  and I am donating my “fat” clothes to goodwill with  the confidence in knowing I will not need them again!

Ginny H., Fort Worth, TX

“Since my later years in high school, I remember being conscientious of my weight. Growing up, I watched my mother deal with obesity and have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I have always been athletic, playing softball and participating in fun, physical activities at church youth group. I became pregnant the Christmas after I graduated high school and gained about 40 lbs. At the time, I was in a very unsatisfying, sad part of my life and didn’t care at all what kinds of food I put in my body. Being a military spouse, living on an Army base, I ate whatever was easy, cheap, fast and convenient. Whatever tasted good and however much I wanted. Still conscious of my extra baby weight, I made my own feeble attempts at trying to lose weight with at home DVDs and started running a little bit, but no significant results since my eating didn’t change much. I divorced my son’s father and moved back home with my parents.

When I met and fell in love with my husband and we knew we were moving towards marriage, I paid more attention to weight loss and started another home DVD program, running a little bit more, jump roping and doing some Tae-Bo. I was able to lose some and felt much better when our wedding day came…but still not where I knew I needed to be.

My son and I moved to Texas from California after my husband I were married and that’s when I had the blessing of meeting Toni Biggerstaff! It didn’t take long after meeting her to learn of her passion for health, nutrition and running! Having just moved to Texas, I naturally gained all the weight I lost before the wedding and MUCH more due to enjoying the plethora of “good eatin’” restaurants we came to love. I knew something had to change when I got back up to my full pregnancy weight…and I wasn’t pregnant!!! I asked Toni if she would take me under her wing and start training me to run. She kindly agreed and I then began my running career. I also enrolled in her boot camp, adding exercise to my regular routine. She helped me monitor my weight loss and gave me tips on nutrition. That year I participated in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk (60 miles in 3 days), and ran my 1st 5k. Since then, I have run 10ks, Half Marathons and 2 full Marathons! Her love for health is contagious and has a phenomenal ripple affect to those around her. Since I started Toni’s 2BFit Boot Camp in 2008, I’ve lost 50 lbs and 10% body fat and am now down to a normal weight for my height and age. Toni is so much more than a personal trainer, fitness expert, experienced marathon runner and coach and health guru, she is a compassionate friend, caring and nurturing helper and loving sister in Christ. Her love for the Lord motivates her to help others and she uses the passion He’s given her to help others realize their dreams and health goals. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get “Better, Faster, Stronger!”!!!”

Carrie Barton, Fort Worth, TX

So today was my “5” day…  5.5 mile run, 5 x 150 foot hill sprints, and 2 sets of 500 meter freestyle laps in the pool!  Turn the page back about 5 years, and I couldn’t run 1 mile, much less 5!  Enter in: Toni Biggerstaff.  I met Toni in the gym (of course) while about 45 lbs heavier than I am now and severely out of shape.  I told her I was hoping to loose some weight while gaining muscle mass and she started suggesting ways to reach my goals.  From proper nutrition -to- proper exercise form and weight levels, Toni was a wealth of knowledge.  However, where she really impacted my life was in running!  Toni loves to run.  She was born to run!  Her gentle and constantly affirming approach, along with her quiet will of iron was a tremendous combination as she coached and literally ran along side me as I slowly gained speed and distance.

Eventually I made it 13 miles, non stop, at about a 9 minute pace- a feat I never dreamed of achieving!  She introduced me to Dr. Sharon Price, who completely changed my diet and started me on a steady regime of proper supplements and protein intake.  Over the course of two years I went from 195lbs and >30{9788c966878eba509be845fc71d513dec6c901b58e660b16435ef33101f79f1c} body fat to 143lbs and ~6{9788c966878eba509be845fc71d513dec6c901b58e660b16435ef33101f79f1c} body fat. I am in better shape at 48 than I was at 18 in high school.  In short, my life has been forever changed by a terrific coach and wonderful friend.  It will only take one training session with Toni and you will know you have truly met someone special who can change your life.

Ted T., Fort Worth, TX