Corrective Exercise

Do you have pain when you exercise? Are certain muscles sore and tight all the time? Have you quit running because you are in too much pain? We can help! Find out how. Call us and you can be on the road to recovery TODAY!

What is a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

A Corrective Exercise Specialist can pin point when a client has an injury or overcompensation of specific muscles and can correct them through inhibiting overactive muscles, and strengthening weakened muscles. This in turn allows the body to have neuromuscularskeletal improvement and prevent injury.every-body-has-issues


1 Response to Corrective Exercise

  1. John Riley says:

    After taking up running after not pursuing it in years, I was developing unexpected lower leg soreness during my runs. Toni was able to identify potential sources for the pain that was limiting my training runs. Toni’s approach with advice on running form and corrective exercise enabled me to work through these issues. Although it would have been difficult for me, being a former runner, to understand the tremendous help Toni offered through corrective exercise, she was able to explain what was going on in a way that was easy to understand and apply. Simply put, I needed to develop and engage my glutes to minimize overstressing my lower leg muscles. Being an accomplished runner and pairing that with her technical knowledge, she got me back on the right track.

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