Why Should Your Daughter Exercise Regularly?

Research has shown that the benefits of exercise for adolescent girls is not just physical. Ever notice how you feel after a workout? You may dread starting and even not enjoy the exercise itself. But, how do you feel afterwards? That same feeling of accomplishment and rise of endorphins also applies to your daughter.

Regular exercise can boost a girl’s self confidence, self-esteem and body image. It teaches them that you don’t have to be a certain body type to be confident. You can be strong, fit and be beautiful. The confidence shines through and others notice that and want the same thing.


According to the Lancet, a UK based medical journal, it was concluded that emotional wellbeing is positively associated with extent of participation in sport and vigorous recreational activity among adolescents. Although causal associations cannot be assumed in this cross-sectional analysis, their results are consistent with experimental evidence that vigorous exercise has favorable effects on emotional state.

Lead by example. If your daughter sees you exercising and the benefits of it, she will be more likely to want that as well. Working out together can be a great bonding for the two of you and you’ll have something in common that you can talk about.


**References: The Lancet Volume 347, Issue 9018

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