How To Get Rid of Dry Skin

Dry skin can result from many causes, most of which are nutritional deficiencies and/or toxicities.  While we address the underlying issues or root causes, here are some helpful ways to alleviate the symptoms of dry skin topically.

1.  Dry sking brushing prior to taking a shower helps get rid of dead skin cells and allows more nutrients to rise to the outer layer of the skin.

2.  When you step out of the shower prior to drying off, use a very small amount of organic coconut oil or organic first pressed olive oil.  Rub in hands and blend with water beads; it does not take much.  After about 30 minutes, if skin feels oily, buff with towel.

So while you’re taking care of the symptom of dry skin, let’s address some of the underlying issues or root causes:

  • Low thyroid – especially heels of feet.
  • Low Zinc – most of the body’s zinc is found in skin tissue, except for men where most is found in prostate.
  • Low Vitamin A – low levels of zinc prevent release of Vitamin A from liver.  Although excessive levels of Vitamin A can cause dry skin, too.
  • Imblanced Essential Fatty Acids – as in Omega 3 (fish, fish oil, seeds, nuts) Omega 6 (sunflower, safflower, canola, olive and other oils).  These critical fatty acids need balanced.  Too much fish oil can also be a problem. See below for coupon to test your levels.
  • Lack of proper water intake – basic rule of thumb for daily water consumption:  one-half your body weight in ounces + another 8 ounces for every 30 minutes of exercise.  Water should be filtered and purified.  I recommend Rainfresh Water out of Garland, Texas for you locals.
  • Low minerals – even at the required intake of water an individual can still become dehydrated if minerals are deficient and cannot hold onto water.

This article was written by Dr. Sharon Price, PhD, CN

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