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Genetically Modified Foods – Here’s the Facts!

Do you have any idea if the strawberries you ate this morning for breakfast were spliced with fish genes?  Or the green beans you have planned for dinner this evening have been genetically altered using pig parts?  Genetic modification… yes, … Continue reading

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Could You Be Overtraining?

You’ve heard people say it, ‘If I train hard, I’ll get faster, I’ll get stronger and the more I train, the better I’ll get.’ Right? Wrong. What every body needs is rest and recovery. If you do not give enough … Continue reading

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Are Your Medications Causing Disease and Illness?

Most medications never get to the root cause of disease and illness, only treating symptoms. Did you know that pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications deplete vital nutrients your body needs on a daily basis? For example: Steroids deplete Calcium, Folic Acid, … Continue reading

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